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    About US

    The MoneyTreck is an offshore arm of Multi-strategy offshore solutions, engaged in wide range of diversified investments on Stock, Foreign Exchange, and Real Estate markets. The MoneyTreck operates in close cooperation with leading trading and commercial property companies, focusing on the most profitable segments of capital and property markets.

    At MoneyTreck, we believe in leaving investment decisions up to the person that knows your financial objectives best- the expert, you. Our expertise is enabling you to manage your money in such a way as to maximize your return.

    The MoneyTreck was created with a clear vision of utilizing the benefits of offshore based investments for exploring both proven and emerging opportunities in Foreign Exchange, Stock, and Property markets. Multi-strategy approach, used by the management, diversifies the investment portfolio, allowing to achieve stable and high yielding returns. We select the most promising markets worldwide, such as the booming Dubai commercial property market and high profitable emerging Russian Stock exchange market. We're also active on a Foreign Exchange market, which is known for its extreme profit potential.

    Long-term financial planning has become an inseparable part of our life. Thus, people seek quality and stable financial services they can trust. If you need a suitable and long-standing program, looking for promising and profitable investment opportunities, you will find the ideal partner here. We offer investors the opportunity to benefit from the investment expertise of our professionals.

    Capital acquisition and retention has always been a difficult task, however, in today's economy it is more so. Historically, in spite of bleak economies, many great fortunes were accumulated during such periods of economic distress. Investors can become overwhelmed with the number of choices available. So much so that the decision may be to simple do nothing and let the cash remain in the bank at what can prove to be a very expensive decision. Research is expensive and a mistake can prove to be very costly. Investors with modest capital encounter a problem in achieving adequate diversification. Inadequately hedging currencies can adversely effect returns. Individual capital accumulation is a result of working more intelligently not working harder. Wealthy people invest and for you to become wealthy you must invest.

    We can not claim that we give the highest profit on the online investment world, but we can claim that you are investing at the right place, because your asset safety is our main concern. Our target is to give a rational profit to our investor safely. Why safely ? Because a lot of investment programmes offer high profit, but unfortunately, before it reaches the return of investment, your investment has been taken away. We guarantee your investment will be safe with us and will grow within days !!! not weeks, months or even years.

    Referral commission constitutes 5% to 10% from every deposit invested by the members you have referred to us.

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